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397) See Welcome to the A2J Author Community Site, A2J AUTHOR, http://www.
acknowledges that projects using A2J Author and HotDocs software provide
the utilization of A2J Author and HotDocs software can combat these
combination of A2J Author (78) and HotDocs (79) software.
A2J Author software was created in 2004 by the Center for
A2J Author was funded through grants from the Legal Services
Two of the most popular self-help software programs in the nonprofit legal aid community, A2J Author and I-CAN
For example, the A2J Author software that generates Flash-based interactive legal aid forms is in the process of replacing Flash with HTML5.
While A2J Author and other automated form creation programs are widely used by legal aid organizations and some courts across the country, and are heavily supported and facilitated by Pro Bono Net, TIG grants, and other initiatives, the uncertain application of unauthorized practice rules to software in nonprofit legal aid settings nevertheless poses a non-trivial risk of chilling the development and broader use of innovative technologies that could significantly improve access to justice for underserved populations.
About A2J Author: A Brief History, A2J AUTHOR COMMUNITY WEBSITE (Feb.
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