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Tu Jiashun, chief scientist of SDN/NFV at ZTE stated, According to GSMAs prediction, the global A2P message market scale will reach USD 74 billion in 2021.
The A2P SMS traffic volumes carried by the Symsoft hybrid Cloud SMSC have increased tremendously in recent months.
Medhat Karam, CEO, ArpuPlus, said, "The gradual shift towards online and mobile technology has opened up infinite opportunities for A2P technology, with a recent study indicating that A2P SMS revenues will touch $50 billion by 2018.
Sherif Nessim, messaging director, ARPUPLUS saidthat mobile messaging and the A2P communications business will touch $70bn by 2020 and exceed person-to-person (P2P) messaging revenues.
A2P SMS is a type of SMS service sent from an application, particularly a web application to a mobile subscriber.
A2P Hospitality Limited is run by Pradeep Sobti, Abhishek Gupta and Akshay Sobti.
This will provide cost-efficient and high-quality messaging support for essential P2P and A2P messaging services, and eliminate the complexity of integrating numerous separate systems, enabling operators to launch services within weeks as opposed to months with conventional infrastructure products.
6 billion A2P (application-to-peer) messages in Q1 2009.
Table 1: Nomenclature of paint systems Component paints Nomenclature of the paint systems Primer Undercoat Finish coat A2P INP-zinc -- IPN topcoat phosphate A3P IPN-zinc IPN-MIO IPN topcoat phosphate E3P Epoxy-zinc Epoxy-MIO PU topcoat phosphate A2PC IPN-zinc -- IPN-clearcoat phosphate E2PC Epoxy-zinc -- Epoxy-clearcoat phosphate
We had nine gold medals in 1984,'' said King, CEO of A2P (Amateur 2 Pro) and a multi-millionare who, with his brother Roger, runs King World Productions Inc.
Then, as Lisbon is within an earthquake zone, the local firm Julio Appleton A2P was appointed for the detailed structural design.
Analysts at ABI Research estimate that portals and social networks similar to Google and Facebook will be generating 314 billion SMS messages in 2015 and Mobile Marketing Watch forecasts A2P SMS will overtake person-to-person SMS in 2016.