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The post Whatever you want: Online listings newcomer A2Z Arabia appeared first on Tahawul Tech.
Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of A2Z E-payments Shakir Ullah Afridi said the purpose behind e-payments set-up in Pakistan was to step forward toward digitalization and started a journey from cash to e-payments for improving public sector efficiency and the facilitation of citizen.
A2Z Wireless Holdings, LLC is a specialty retailer operating as one of the largest National Premium Retailers in the Verizon Wireless Indirect Channel.
Environmental Agency- Abu Dhabi (EAD), National Centre of Meteorology and Seismology (NCMS) and A2Z business, a private organisation, have also set up stalls at the exhibition.
tedavisi A2Z of Atlas ozelligi Dermatology Visual Dx Receteler, ICD-9 Kodlari,700 un uzerinde ilac ve yan etkileri xSCC Skin Skuamoz hucreli karsinoma tani, tedavi, takip programi Derm Consult S?
Career After disappearing from the public eye in his teens, he became a county level tennis player, and studied at the Royal Academy of Music where he joined jazz-funk band A2Z.
India-based electronic waste recycling firm A2Z Dataserve has revealed plans to expand into the Middle East.
Recently launched California-based apparel company A2Z Trends, which specializes in men's, women's and children's apparel, has committed to 3,800 s/f at 530 Seventh Avenue.
The A2Z advertisers index on page 3, can link to the actual page the display ad is on.
Microphone covers on Lalu's table read unfamiliar names like Hamaar, A2Z, Raftaar, Sadhana, Aryan, Desh Live.
The Dubai-headquartered investment firm, which also operates a hedge fund in India, said one of its portfolio companies, A2Z Group, has sought Indian regulatory approval for an initial public offering that it expects to launch by December.
ISS, Sarvatra and A2Z Maintenance & Engineering Services have been entrusted with the responsibility at a total cost of ` 21 crore.