A3CAirman Third Class
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Supporting TuneCore Artists has always been a priority for TuneCore and collaboration with the A3C Festival provided us with an innovative way to do that.
This innovative partnership with TuneCore to create a studio on-site was such a natural synergy between TuneCore and the A3C Festival," said Mike Walbert, General Manager of the A3C Festival.
The preeminent hip-hop festival in the US, A3C has grown from a local showcase to an amazing cultural experience and is celebrating 10 years in the game.
Building on this close relationship with the hip-hop community, TuneCore has become the Official Music Distribution & Publishing Administration Sponsor for A3C.
A3C attendees are welcome to view the sessions as they are streamed to a screen on the second floor.
We look forward to giving A3C attendees the ability to witness song-making as it happens, then enjoy the results on the TuneCore-distributed compilation to follow.
Our partnership with A3C and the direct involvement with #TuneCoreStudio at #A3CProAudio provide TuneCore a unique opportunity to showcase and celebrate hip-hop artists' entrepreneurial spirit," stated Scott Ackerman, CEO of TuneCore.
TuneCore Studio at #A3CProAudio is just one of the initiatives TuneCore will be undertaking in support of A3C and the hip-hop community before, during and after the festival.
For more information on #TuneCoreStudio at #A3CProAudio, visit the A3C website.