A3IAccelerated Architecture Acquisition Initiative
A3IAny 3 Initials (band)
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Sohail Zindani explained that he has developed A3I framework of leadership.
Total quantity or scope: Lot 1 - home furnishings A3I Lot-2 - Furniture spaces adiancente Lot 3 spaces furniture adiancente Lot 4 - bedding Lot 5 blinds Lot 6- household appliances According to the requirements of the specification Estimated value excluding VAT: 1,720,338 RON
TextBridge Classic will be included with shipments of Plustek's OpticPro 9636T, 12000P, 12000T, 9636P, 4830P, 9630P, FBIII, FBIV, 600P, 4831P, FBIIIL, FBIVP, and A3I scanners.