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A4AAirlines for America (trade association)
A4AAction for Advocacy (UK)
A4AArchitects for Aid (now Article 25)
A4AArt for Architecture (United Kingdom)
A4AAnarchy for Anybody
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With affordable fares and expanded route options, flying to see family, friends and loved ones this holiday season is more accessible than ever before," said A4A Vice President and Chief Economist John Heimlich.
Patty Edwards, Managing Director of Passenger Services at A4A, added: "Implementation of baggage tracking is a collaborative effort between airlines and airports to improve the passenger experience.
com asked about the A4A petition and whether general aviation could expect similar treatment: "Although many airlines equipped early on with GPS as part of the transition to satellite-based navigation, the early equippers do not have the latest GPS receivers.
sovereignty and will not do what it purports to as the funds do not have to be used for environmental protection," said A4A President and CEO Nicholas E.
Our legal action was critical in bringing to light that the EU ETS violates international law and is an exorbitant money grab, which are now key points in the governments' unified opposition to the scheme," A4A President and CEO Nicholas Calio said in a statement.
A4A, with 80 employees, offers services ranging from digital strategy to e-marketing and media investment management, the buyer said in a statement.
In 75 days, 141 Soldiers and Army civilians registered in teams or as individuals to participate in the A4A challenge.
Launched March 1, in just 75 days, 141 Soldiers and Army civilians registered in teams or as individuals to participate in the A4A challenge.
He said: "We have supported A4A and its ethos for sustainable design.
Additionally, via promotion on popular websites like myspace, YouTube and facebook, GuluWalk connected to thousands and eventually netted for A4A more than 15,000 unique email addresses.
Although the underlying bond was downgraded, the affirmation of class A4A was the result of credit enhancement for the class A4A certificates being approximately 50%.
McAfee, who begins her new role effective immediately, brings immense industry experience to A4A and has spent more than 15 years in public relations, specializing in consumer and travel PR, crisis communications and issues management.