A4DAppetite 4 Destruction
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The F4Ds fired their rockets in a 30-degree run, followed closely by the first A4D division.
Planes like the Douglas A3D and A4D, representing the big and small ends of the spectrum: existing types like the heavy hauler AD; as well as disappointing designs like the North American AJ are featured in the book.
Smith's career began in 1936 as an engineer with Douglas Aircraft, where he helped design naval aircraft such as the SBD Dauntless, AD Skyraider, F4D Skyray A3D Sky warrior, and the A4D Skyhawk.
Following WW II Army service, Gann joined Douglas Aircraft in 1954, where he helped design control systems for aircraft such as the A4D Skyhawk, A3D Slcywarrior and F-6 (F4D) Skyray.
On the deck of the Forrestal you will see the famous Douglas A4D "Skyhawk," the Douglas A3D "Skywarrior," the largest, heaviest carrier based aircraft ever built, the F4D "Skyray" along with a trio of the famous Douglas "Skyraiders.