A4SAntwerp for Storage (Belgium)
A4SAccess for Success (project; Canada)
A4SAccounting for Safety Ltd (UK)
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This partnership will assist PECB and A4S, a reputable organization that fulfills PECB's partnership criteria, to collaborate in the best way to combine the experiences of both organizations and to help increase the international exchange and development of audit and certification services.
A4S is a specialist consulting company with specialization in the adoption and audit of best practice and standards.
Sainsbury applied the integrated A4S Decision-Making Tool (A4S), described in the book, to better understand inputs and intended outcomes of its sustainability policies.
A4S was established by The Prince of Wales in 2004.
Charles Tilley, CIMA's chief executive, is on the supervisory board of A4S and is a member of the IIRC.
Paul Druckman, Chairman of the A4S Executive Board, states, "We will only be able to achieve a sustainable future if all organizations, and all individuals within those organizations, recognize the role that they can and need to play.
In August 2010, GRI and A4S formed the IIRC to "[c]reate a globally accepted framework for accounting for sustainability: a framework which brings together financial, environmental, social and governance information in a clear, concise, consistent and comparable format.
Initiatives such as GRI, A4S, and the IIRC offer a wealth of free resources to help.
This event will cover the following topics: Highlight the crucial leadership role of CFOs and the finance community, Discuss recent outputs developed by the A4S CFO Leadership Network in Europe, Explore practical actions that businesses in the region can take to embed sustainability into financial decision making.