AA4Audi A4
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Un ultimo aspecto llamativo es el curso al suroeste del rio Reventado al disectar el abanico AA4, y luego bordear del ladooeste y con un curso ligeramente arqueado el abanico AA1 y no disectando a traves de la parte central de este ultimo.
a] is greatest for sample AA4 (at 21%), with little change in samples AA1, AA3, and AA7, and samples AA2 and AA6 actually decreased in roughness.
Results of Axial Coding Main categories Categorization AA1 Interest oriented A1 Self-motivation Achievement oriented A2 Learning initiative A3 AA2 Self-balance Contingency Flexibility A4 Principles A5 Adaptability Adaptability A6 Stability Ability to cope under pressure A7 Diligence A8 Persistence A9 AA3 Agreeableness Communication skills A10 Team spirit A11 Character oriented A12 Career image A13 AA4 Personal morality Personal morality A14 Conscientiousness Work ethics A15 Efficient work Efficiency oriented A16 execution Work execution A17 Working attitude Detail oriented A18 Professional consciousness A19