AAACEAmerican Association of Adult and Continuing Education (Bowie, MD)
AAACEAmerican Association of Agricultural College Editors (now Agricultural Communicators in Education)
AAACEAustralian Association of Adult and Community Education, Inc.
AAACEAfrican American Association of Cultural Exchange (Nyack University; New York)
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AAACE is focusing the event on "Adult Learning in Our Complex World," giving educators the opportunity to learn how to evolve their programs and practices in order to meet the changing needs of students today.
Qualified registered hotel guests who participate in TSA's AAACE Program will have access to the over two-million-square-foot Terminal D facility, which opened in 2005 and was designed with soaring 80-foot ceilings, paintings and unique architecture to visually appeal to its travelers, as well as provide an abundance of amenities that ensure the safest and most-pleasant travel experience of any facility in the world.
Any adult registered overnight guest staying at the Grand Hyatt DFW is eligible to participate in the AAACE Program.
The hotel will contact a Department of Public Safety Officer (DPS Officer) to come to the front desk to meet with the requesting guest(s) and confirm the registered guest(s) eligibility to participate in the AAACE Program.
If the DPS Officer permits the registered guest(s) to participate in the AAACE Program, the DPS Officer only will complete and issue the registered guest(s) an AAACE Authorization Form to permit the individual name on it to proceed through only the Terminal D22 security screening checkpoint and cannot be used at any other screening checkpoints.
Registered overnight guests of the Grand Hyatt DFW who are booked on a flight departing DFW cannot participate in the AAACE Program on the date of their scheduled flight.
Conference attendees or patrons at the Grand Met restaurant at Grand Hyatt DFW may not participate in the AAACE Program unless their status as a registered overnight guest has been verified.
Minors cannot participate in the AAACE Program unless they are accompanied by an adult registered overnight hotel guest staying with them who is also permitted to participate in the AAACE Program.
DTW is one of two airports in the country that TSA has approved for the AAACE Pilot Program; Dallas Fort Worth (DFW) is the other.