AAADTAlvin Ailey American Dance Theater
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And he knew that AAADT was his number one choice for a dancing career.
Known for their passion, energy and talent, AAADT have performed in more than 70 countries for audiences in excess of 21 million.
With a repertory of 180 ballets, AAADT tours more than any dance company in the country.
For over five decades, AAADT has performed in 71 countries on six continents, becoming not only the most-traveled dance company in the world, but a recognized cultural ambassador.
Chosen by AAADT dancer Jamar Roberts, a 2007 "25 to Watch.
Festivities include dedicating a portion of the services to honoring the Ailey legacy, with choirs singing spirituals from Alvin Ailey's masterpiece Revelations, and dance ministries performing works inspired by the beauty and humanity of AAADT.
Recognizing his keen need for dance, his mother (both parents are ministers) managed to procure two tickets to a sold-out performance of AAADT where he saw Ailey's signature works Revelations and Cry.
Atlantans will have even more to look forward to with this year's performance, as the New York Times raves that the AAADT "dancers are better than ever, with the marvelous athleticism, vivid personalities and sleek sensuality the company has long fostered.
The New York Times) Founded in 1958 by Alvin Ailey, AAADT has become one of the world's leading dance companies, dedicated to honoring unique black cultural expression and the enrichment of the American modern dance heritage.
When I first saw her onstage I thought she was oddly gorgeous and had so much integrity," says Judith Jamison, artistic director of AAADT.
She hopes AAADT will be able to use cell phones to do performance Q&As and provide behind-the-scenes messages that fans can phone in to hear.