AAAFAssociation Aeronautique et Astronautique de France
AAAFAscension Auxiliary Airfield (US Air Force)
AAAFAmerican Academy of Audiology Foundation (Reston, VA)
AAAFAnglo-American Authority File (formerly Library of Congress Name Authority File)
AAAFAmerican Academy of Applied Forensics
AAAFAssociation Against Animal Factories
AAAFAuthentication, Authorization, and Accounting Foreign Server
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The AAAF raises the quality of life of people in Southwest Florida living with autism," said Susan Suarez, Director of Eden Autism Services Florida operations.
MN], creates an AA-Registration-Request Command (ARR) message, and sends it to the AAAF.
When the AAAF receives the ARR message, it forwards the message to the AAAM of the MAP which has been selected by the MN.
After receiving the ARR message from the AAAF, the AAAM saves the public key [PU.
Hiring of dynamic services of animation activities and support for preschool family, hereinafter referred to AAAF and Monitoring of providing school meals.
Through a series of structured workshops today, AAAF participants will arrive at mutually beneficial projects and concrete actions to promote initiatives in the five key development areas.
This proposal would limit the applicability of the AAAFs.