AAAIDArab Authority for Agricultural Investment and Development
AAAIDAuthority for Agricultural Investment and Development
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He added that there was a responsibility falls on the Arab countries to reduce the growing gap in food and enhance food security, which is one of the reasons why the AAAID is interested in the participation of strategic partners in the Agra Middle East exhibition, where the Authority is always keen to build partnerships and strengthen relations with Arab and international institutions to find Mutual benefits.
Mohammed bin Ubaid al-Mazro'ie said that AAAID is committed to establish major strategic ventures at the member countries including the Sultanate.
AAAID is an Arab financial institution established to help achieve food security in the Arab world through agricultural investments, development of resources and agricultural potential, and application of modern agricultural technologies.
Mohammad bin Hassan al-Asiri, a legal advisor at the AAAID, said in a statement to SANA that the new Company is part of the Authority's projects aimed at expanding agricultural investments in the Arab countries, particularly in Syria in light of the natural and legislative advantages and the attractive investment atmosphere it enjoys.
The ministers of agriculture of Egypt and Sudan will be opening the conference, while the minister of finance of Jordan, representing the shareholders of AAAID, will deliver the keynote speeches, together with the director of Finance Program Division of the Arab Monetary Fund and Trade Finance Program.
The AAAID, which is headquartered in Sudan, was established in 1967 and has a capital of 400 million.
Dr Al-Mazroui said in press statements that he acquainted the Assistant of the President on the Authority projects on production of meat and link them with the President's initiative on Arab Food Security, disclosing that the AAAID has propounded 17 projects for Arab and foreign private sectors.
The AAAID will hold 49% of the capital of both companies by providing 24 million dinars to the potato seed production company 'Mabrouka' and 20 million dinars to the company of production, storage and export of agricultural products "Triki", AAAID Chairman Mohamed Bin Obeid Al-Mazroui told TAP.
On his turn, AAAID hailed the Sultanate's permanent support for the authority in implementing its investment activities.
AMid the honoring function that took palace and was attended by Kuwaiti ambassador in Khartoum Talal Mansour Al-Hajri, AAAID Mohammed bin Obaid Almazrooei mentioned Kuwait's contributions to the AAAID's several plans, programs and activities.
One of the main objectives of AAAID is to contribute to the achievement of sustainable Arab food security.
The seminar will discuss how to further enhance the strategic relationship between the private sectors and financing institutions such as the AAAID.