AAAJAccounting, Auditing and Accountability Journal
AAAJAdvertising Agencies Association of Jamaica (est. 1962)
AAAJAsociación Atlética Argentinos Juniors
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En los 65 articulos contables analizados por Hans Englund, Jonas Gerdin y John Burns (2011), se encontro que la mayoria estan publicados en AOS, CEA, MAR y AAAJ.
Ademas de ser bastante prolifico e influyente en la academia britanica y australiana, es uno de los fundadores de la revista AAAJ y siempre ha sido su editor.
We identified articles on the effect of IFRS adoption in all of the journals under analysis, except for AAAJ, AOS, Auditing, and MAR, where the absence of this kind of article is not a matter of surprise, as they are journals devoted to other areas than financial accounting.
We also concentrated heavily on those journals most closely linked with accounting history (Abacus, AAAJ, ABFH, ABR, AH, AHJ, AOS, BAR, CPA), augmented by the Garland series.