AAANArab American Action Network
AAANAstro All Asia Networks (Malaysian media company)
AAANAssociation of Advertising Agencies of Nigeria
AAANAfrican-American Academic Network
AAANAdvertising Agencies Association of Nepal (est. 1990; Nepal)
AAANAsian American Alumni Network (University of Illinois Alumni Association; Chicago, IL)
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Few years ago, it took the resistance of Heads of Sectoral Group, consisting of ADVAN, AAAN, MIPAN, OAAN and BON, for the Federal Government to rescind the appointment on April 23, 2014, of Ngozi Emioma, as the chairman of the council, almost three years after the then chairman, Lolu Akinwunmi left.
Speakers at AAAN dinners and events routinely have taken an anti-Israel lin= e.
All these parts of the energy market are linked and if you are going to be a good global energy trader then that is what you are going to have to do," he told Reuters in Aaan interview.
It certainly looks to be worth aaan interest, particularly as 4-11 about an away win seems to be a big-hitters only price.
L'histoire contemporaine et les usages des archives judicaires (1800-1900), Paris, AAAN, Coll.
Celestial Pictures Ltd, a subsidiary of AAAN in Hong Kong, owns and distributes the world's largest Chinese film library as well as operates the Celestial Movies Channel.
AaAn array of short films that capture the multi-faceted identity of the Gulf region forms the 'Lights' segment at the third edition of the Gulf Film Festival to be held from April 8 to 14 under the patronage His Highness Sheikh Majid Bin Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Chairman of the Dubai Culture & Arts Authority (Dubai Culture).
A New Spirit, from Israeli Descendants of the Countries of Islam' AaAn open letter from Israeli Descendants of the Countries of Islam:
ABU DHABI - AaAn officer of Abu Dhabi Police, who developed an ingenious method to detect forged and false manuscripts and alphabets written in different languages, has been conferred a doctorate from Lincoln University in United Kingdom.
The Fund provided a second grant to the AAAN for $35,000 in 2002.
Recent examples are the fourth edition of the AAAN Core Curriculum, AANN and ANA's scope and standards of neuroscience nursing practice, as well as the ICP, seizure, and lumbar drain guidelines--to list just a few.
Dubai: AaAn independent body must come to Dubai to give fair valuations of properties based on quality and investment, an industry expert said on Sunday.