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AABAAsociacion de Abogados de Buenos Aires
AABAAsian American Bar Association
AABAAmerican Anorexia/Bulimia Association
AABAAtlantic Avenue Betterment Association (Brooklyn, NY)
AABAAssociation for Accountancy and Business Affairs (UK)
AABAAsian American Business Association
AABAAdams Avenue Business Association
AABAAll American Basketball Alliance
AABAAnne Arundel Bar Association (Annapolis, MD)
AABAAlaska Attachment and Bonding Associates
AABAAll-Africa Businesswomen Association
AABAAirport Area Business Association
AABAAustralasian Alpaca Breeders Association (Wollongong University, NSW, Australia)
AABAArizona Avian Breeders Association
AABAAtlanta Area Biomedical Association
AABAAfrican and American Business Alliance
AABAAmarillo Area Bar Association (Texas)
AABAAlberta Amateur Boxing Association (Canada)
AABAAnne Arundel Beekeepers Association (Millersville, MD)
AABAAltoona Area Baseball Association (Altoona, PA)
AABAAnoka Area Baseball Association (now Anoka Ramsey Athletic Association; Minnesota)
AABAAssociate of Arts in Business Administration (various schools)
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Methylphenidate [3] n = 11:Subacute Prospective cohort phase, multiple AABA multiple causes of brain baseline.
In terms of form, this is correct, as in mainstream jazz the length of any tune or improvisation is theoretically open-ended as long as it consists of multiples of 32 measures, the length of traditional AABA standards, or the 12 measures of the blues (or multiples of four, respectively, in an introduction or a coda).
He does this by a careful reinterpretation of the test cases brought by the AABA, including some of the most infamous cases of their day (for example, the Danbury Hatters' and the Bucks' Stove litigation).
If Covach's aim is to illuminate new possibilities for the AABA structure outside of its Tin Pan Alley archetype, one may wonder why he depends on the same prescriptive formal categories he has employed since his 2006 essay on rock formal structures ("From Craft to Art: Formal Structure in the Music of the Beatles," in Reading the Beatles: Cultural Studies, Literary Criticism, and the Fab Four, ed.
After discussing the three-chord setting of the A section of the song's AABA verse pattern, he elaborates on the B section:
The AABA, which last week launched a petition calling for a full ballot of affected parents, said it wants to "freeze"
AABA also opposes organisations such as Ark and Edutrust, with no previous link to Birmingham, gaining influence.
Legend: R - Recommended NR - Not Recommended NE Not Evaluated JUDGE: CIRCUIT COURT, RETENTION Per- cent CANDIDATE AABA BWLA CCL CCBA DSL HLAI/ LAG- WBAI "R" or PRBA BAC better Nancy J.
Larson asks: "[H]ow can an improvisation based on such a theme [an AABA form] avoid excessive sectionalization and achieve integration?
Beneath all the polystylistic mania, Brackett finds cohesion not only in a consistent underlying rhythmic pulse, but also in a latent 32-bar, AABA form.
SEPARATION is an angular melody in AABA form that reaches its high point in the contrasting B section.
15 year-old Majd Foaany, from the town of Ali Annaher, was taking a ride with his 12 year-old-cousin, Aabas Ayoub, in his car; when he passed by a gas station owned by Adel Moussawi, a dispute took place with individuals from the Moussawi family, driving a Cherokee Jeep.