AABCAssociated Air Balance Council
AABCAmerican Amateur Baseball Congress
AABCArchives Association of British Columbia
AABCAccrediting Association of Bible Colleges
AABCAarhus Business College (Aahus, Denmark)
AABCArthur Andersen Business Consulting
AABCArchitect Accredited in Building Conservation (UK)
AABCAustralian Associated Bonsai Clubs
AABCAdaptive Absorbing Boundary Condition
AABCArkansas Alcoholic Beverage Control
AABCAustro American Bridge Club
AABCAbove and Beyond Cleaning, Inc. (Tampa, FL)
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A critical component of the AABC is the Responsible en or Program/Alcohol Awareness Division, also called the Education Division, headed by Jan Byrne, who came to the ABC Board in 1990 to administer the Responsible Vendor Program that had just been passed by the Alabama Legislature.
For more information on the AABC, refer to the ALMC Web site at www.
AABC chief executive, Mike Schuck, said: 'The benefits of local partnerships have always been clear to businesses, their staff, local communities and police.
AABC programs are up and running, and IDA accounts are being opened daily.
AABC has been providing online education and certification for licensed/certified health and education professionals specializing in obesities since 2011 and has developed an international fellowship that spans five continents.
However, the methods allowed in ASHRAE Standard 111 and all national TAB association guidelines (TABB, AABC and NEBB) provides alternatives to direct measurement at the intake.
Satur day against the Puerto Rico Vaqueros, who captured the AABC title.
Mike Clarke, park manager, Eddie Lincoln, crime reduction liaison officer, and Alex Norris, park security manager, received the award from Steve Booth - AABC regional crime manager.
Mike Schuck, chief executive of AABC, has defended the scheme by saying that theft by members of staff costs the British economy billions of pounds each year and that all participating companies will be obliged to abide by the Data Protection Act.
To apply to Webster University, AABC graduates must have completed a bachelor's degree at a regionally accredited institution and must submit an official transcript from the institution at which the degree was conferred.
Called the Advanced Anti-Ballistic Compound, or AABC, the substance can stop .
Nine out of 12 primates belonging to the Council of Anglican Provinces in Africa (CAPA) attended the AABC.