AABCOAmateur Baseball Congress of Oklahoma
AABCOAfrican American Breast Cancer Outreach (est. 1998; Texas)
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Robert Scarpetta, President of FUMB, said, "Having worked with Judie at AABCO, I know her abilities and her work ethic and I'm very excited to have her on the FUMB team.
As President and COO of AABCO Mortgage Loans and Investments, Inc.
Cephren's framework is being used at internationally renowned firms, including The Bechtel Group, Webcor Builders, Gensler, HOK, Odebrecht, 3Com, BSW International, Global Design Alliance, Psomas, and Wimberly Allison Tong & Goo; charter e-Commerce customers include AABCO Sheetmetal, J.