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Aaby works on vaccination programs sponsored by the World Health Organization (WHO) in areas with high rates of infectious disease such as Guinea-Bissau and Senegal.
However, the findings of the present study is also consistent with findings of previous studies when comparing the effect of market characteristics on export performance ( For example, Aaby and Slater, 1989; Katsikeas, et al ,2000; Lim, et al, 1996, and Brouthers and Nakos, 2005.
Such works have been reviewed quite extensively in the literature; see for example, Aaby and Slater (1989), Madsen (1987), Zou and Stan (1998), and Sousa and Alserhan (2002).
AaBy the end of September, the company's cash and bank balance stood at AED 1.
and Krim Unterseher of Forest Grove; a brother, Elmer of Forest Grove; three sisters, Olga Aaby of Lodi, Calif.
Consequently, this covers a range of value-adding activities in an international context in terms of modes of market entry outside of the exporting studies that have largely dominated the existing literature (Bilkey, 1978; Czinkota, 1982; Miesenbock, 1988; Aaby and Slater, 1989).
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Likewise affecting export intensity are prior international experiences, motivation, orientation and skills of management (Johnston & Czinkota, 1982; Levitt, 1983; Welsh & Luostarinen, 1988; Aaby & Slater, 1989; Dichtl, Koeglmayr & Mueller, 1990; Andersson & Svensson, 1994; Leonidou, Katsikeas & Piercy, 1998; Quelch & Deshpande, 2004; Samli, 2004).
Rodrigues A, Sandstorm A, Ca T, Steinsland H, Jensen H, Aaby P (2000) Protection from cholera by adding lime juice to food: Results from community and laboratory studies in Guinea-Bissau, West Africa.
ON is rated AAby credit ratings agency Standard & Poor's and a notch higher at Aa2 by Moody's Investors Service.