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Today, AACA is continuing to advocate on behalf of aviation companies with State and federal legislative bodies and regulatory government agencies.
Journeay says AACA plans to increase its membership benefits as it continues to move forward.
AACA is comprised of an assortment of active and associate members.
Associate members of AACA are entities providing services, equipment or instrumentation to other members.
AACA is prepared to operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
It is at this point that the AACA technicians of the CCFT become involved.
Once in the challenge file, transportation specialists from AACA check the ATCMD in FACTS and then send an email about the shipment to a designated point of contact (POC) in theater.
AACA personnel strive very hard to ensure prudent use of Army transportation funds while improving pipeline velocity to the warfighter by helping customers conserve valuable aircraft space for truly high-priority requisitions.
If the POC and requisitioner reach a decision, the AACA is notified.
If the requisitioner does not respond within the three-day window, the AACA diverts the shipment to surface mode.
The AACA has an extensive website to help users through air cargo shipping.
You'll find more information about AACA and FACTS on the Logistics Support Activity (LOGSA) website.