AACMMAssociação Amigos do Conservatório de Música da Madeira (Portuguese: Friends of the Madeira Music Conservatory Association)
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Since we consider sufficiently small sampling interval in the discrete-time implementation, the structural parameters of the AACMM are relatively small; that is, [DELTA][[theta].
r](k - 1) denotes the change between each iteration interval [k - 1, k], which is the vector of the structural parameters of the AACMM after the removal of [a.
However, these algorithms need much more computational costs, which may limit their applicability for AACMM.
To show the effectiveness of the suggested modeling and identification algorithms, an experimental study was carried out based on an AACMM test rig, which is shown in Figure 5.
And acquiring poses is commonly used in the calibration of AACMM and robots [15-17].
Therefore, the joint angles and reference coordinates of 50 poses were acquired to identify the structural parameters of the AACMM, and the identification algorithm presented in Section 3.
To further verify the identification results, another 200 groups of data were acquired to test the movement uncertainty of the AACMM.
Then the structural parameter identification with the aim to get the least-square solution of the identification model can be carried out by using the obtained poses and the reference coordinates of the AACMM.
Susana, "Influence of human factor in the AACMM performance: a new evaluation methodology," International Journal of Precision Engineering and Manufacturing, vol.
Caption: Figure 2: Coordinate systems of the AACMM.
Caption: Figure 3: The interface of the acquisition software of the AACMM.
Caption: Figure 6: The movement uncertainties in the directions of x, y, and z of AACMM without structural parameter identification and compensation.