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AACRAmerican Association for Cancer Research
AACRAnglo-American Cataloging Rules
AACRAustralasian Association of Cancer Registries
AACRAssociation for the Advancement of Civil Rights (political party; Gibraltar)
AACRAmerican Association of Clinical Research
AACRAmicale Anglo Cabrio Rennais (French automotive racing group)
AACRAfrican Armed Conflicts Resolved
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The data presented at the AACR Annual Meeting 2008 on April 15, 2008 is now available for download at the InNexus website, http://www.
Researchers reported preclinical data at AACR indicating the effectiveness of SGN-75 in targeting and delivering its auristatin drug payload into CD70-expressing tumors, where it is selectively retained as compared to normal tissues (Abstract #4063).
We are pleased to see continued demonstration of the critical role of telomerase in human cancer as evidenced by the many presentations on telomerase at this year's AACR Annual Meeting," said Calvin Harley, Ph.
The preclinical data in pancreatic cancer models reported at AACR supports our belief that depsipeptide has the potential to treat a variety of solid cancers" noted William McCulloch, M.
AstraZeneca's Immuno-Oncology research will also feature prominently at AACR, including new data from a comparative study of commonly used PD-L1 diagnostic tests in approximately 500 tumour biopsies (Abstract #LB-094; also included in the AACR media programme).
These marketing restrictions would enhance the FDA's proposal to require manufacturers to submit new product marketing materials for agency review, AACR and ASCO say.
In September 2001, Ehlers, her second keeshond, Tikva, and 3 other HOPE AACR teams were contacted by the American Red Cross and asked to travel to New York City in the aftermath of the terrorist attacks on September 11.
As stated in our 2005 policy statement on stem cell research, we believe that reasonable, ethical stem cell exploration is a crucial component of scientific discovery," said Margaret Foti, PhD, MD, chief executive officer of AACR.
Diane Scott-Lichter, publisher of AACR, says, "The Reviewer Finder application will certainly enhance and improve our peer review process as we continuously strive to target the most appropriate reviews.