AACUCAfrican-American Credit Union Coalition
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NCUF Executive Director Steve Delfin recently presented a check for $60,875 to AACUC Chairwoman Barbara Stephens during the coalition's networking meeting and reception held during CUNA's Governmental Affairs Conference last month.
Last year's $60,000 donation is down $20,000 from 2007 due to a drop in interest rates, according to Hubert Hoosman, AACUC treasurer and funding committee co-chair.
Conference participants will also have the opportunity to speak to committee chairs from the various AACUC committees and to learn more about the organization.
Former AACUC intern Evonne Gibson could not agree more.
The AACUC board subscribes to the preservation of women-managed and minority-owned credit unions to promote diversity and inclusion and add value to the credit union movement," she said.
The AACUC would not be the organization that it is today without the influences of the Hall of Famers," Smith said.
The AACUC will present Hash with the Pete Crear Lifetime Achievement award Aug.
The AACUC said it also encouraged the NCUA's OMWI to collaborate, if it hasn't already, with the original FIRREA regulatory counterparts for ideas that have been successfully implemented.
Hubert Hoosman, a former AACUC board member, spearheaded a campaign to encourage credit unions to contribute to the building of the King Memorial on the National Mall in Washington.
Founded in 1999, the AACUC was formed to increase the number of black professionals in the credit union industry through its internship and mentorship programs, among other efforts.
The AACUC also suggested engaging trade organizations to promote diversity as a credit union best practice via conference sessions and include in roundtables meetings a more comprehensive representation of credit union trade and advocacy groups.
In addition to the internship program, the AACUC offers a scholarship to three qualifying students.