AADCAustralian Antarctic Data Centre (Hobart, Australia)
AADCArea Air Defense Commander
AADCAlaska Aerospace Development Corporation
AADCAromatic L-Amino Acid Decarboxylase Deficiency
AADCAutomated Area Distribution Center (US Postal Service)
AADCArmy Air Defense Command(er)
AADCAll Applications Digital Computer
AADCAdvanced Avionics Digital Computer
AADCApproach and Departure Control
AADCAvionics Architecture Design Change
AADCAnterior Adductor of the Coxa
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We are fundraising to employ a full-time research post into AADC and have made contact with suffering families from all over the world.
Army doctrine, a theater air and missile defense (TAMD) coordination board (formerly known as a reprioritization board) led by the deputy AADC exists primarily to recommend changes to the DAL, a JFC-approved list of protected assets connected to a specific operations plan.
Commenting on the move, Abdulla Al Sheryani, the customer service director at AADC, said the company was ready to implement the new tariffs for water and electricity, both efficiently and effectively to help customers understand the proposed new structure and how it will affect them.
The distribution companies, ADDC and AADC, are ready to assist all customers by implementing new water and electricity conservation initiatives through an awareness strategy that will help instil a culture to conserve these precious resources," he explained.
AADC used the fund to hire geologists to drill holes, determine where the ore was and its quality, said Carter.
With the roll out of our new AADC bills collection service, customers can now visit any of our over 110 branches across the UAE and pay their utility bills along with other bill payments while exchanging or remitting money.
In Figure 4, you can see an example of the result with a 5th order Butterworth filter and a 3-bit AADC.
32) While IIRIRA's legislative history offers little clarification as to why these three actions were delineated, the Supreme Court's reasoning in AADC, (33) the touchstone case interpreting section 242(g), is compelling.
To win, participants had to conduct any or all of the following transactions: cash withdrawals and deposits, cheque deposits, money transfers, credit card payments, bill payments to Etisalat, DEWA, RTA, Salik, Dubai Police, Emaar, Du, Box Office, FlyDubai, Air Arabia, AADC, ADDC, Empower and Palm Utilities.
AADC, under the dynamic leadership of Chief Executive Officer Dale Nash, brings cutting-edge capabilities to KLC.
5 million for engineering services in support of the Maritime Integrated Air and Missile Defense Planning System (MIPS), a successor to the AADC Area Air Defense Commander Capability (AADC).
Primary defects affecting the AADC gene also lead to decreases in all 3 CSF metabolites, as this enzyme is likewise involved in both pathways (17).