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AADPAsian American Donor Program
AADPAmerican Association of Drugless Practitioners
AADPAssociation of Applying and Developing Pharmacy
AADPAdvanced Audio Device Profile
AADPAsian American Dance Performances (San Francisco, CA)
AADPAlaskans against the Death Penalty (Anchorage, AK)
AADPArea Air Defense Plan
AADPAmerican Academy of Denture Prosthetics
AADPAdministrative Automatic Data Processing
AADPAmyloid A-Degrading Protease
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Conclusion: Development of AADP for biosurveillance adds a complementary method to extant surveillance systems and can improve real-time alerting so assets can be vectored for further epidemiologic investigation and early intervention.
Fugro's decision to use Alcoa's AADP for such a critical application is a testament to our core value proposition, which is to extend the drilling range of existing assets," said Jay Grissom, Marketing Director of Alcoa Oil & Gas.
Minister Cannon said: "The AADP can harness the knowledge and expertise of the Irish agri-food industry and, in partnership with African companies, deliver transformative change in the lives of African communities.
com)-- The Teen Health Coach, Linda Mandelbaum HHC AADP LE, will be headlining a free health, nutrition and weight loss workshop at the Hicksville Public Library on Long Island, New York, on April 2, 2013.