AADTAnnual Average Daily Traffic
AADTAverage Annual Daily Traffic (transportation planning)
AADTAsian American Democrats of Texas (est. 1990)
AADTAmerican Alliance Drug Testing (substance abuse testing service; Upland, CA; est. 1995)
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2, km; m--the study period, years; [MATHEMATICAL EXPRESSION NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII]--for the groups of road sections: AADT during the study period, vpd; for the groups of junctions: AADT of vehicles entering the junction during the study period, vpd; e--elasticity coefficient showing a degree of dependence of accident rate on the traffic volume, on the change in land purpose, etc.
Based on accounting data on stationary permanent traffic volume, AADT is calculated applying the formula (Leduc 2008; Transport and Road Research.
76 13 Running Average AADT Valid accidents number 2002-2006 years division by average AADT 2002-2006 years 1 189 0.
Conformity of the coarse aggregate to the requirements of the Roads Specifications 2005 at AADT > 3500 vpd Index Standard Requirement Dense graded AC SMA Lim Flakiness LVS EN [less [less 11 index 933-3 than or than or equal equal to] 15 to] 15 Resistance to LVS EN [less [less 25 fragmentation 1097-2 than or than or (Los Angeles) equal equal to] 20 to] 20 Magnesium LVS EN [less [less 6 sulphate 1367-2 than or than or test equal equal to] 18 to] 18 Filler LVS EN [less [less 2.
The researchers calculated the annual average daily traffic (AADT) for each site and year as the average of the AADTs of the segments within each site-year.
For each participant's residence, we calculated traffic density by summing the vehicle kilometers of travel (VKT) within a 300-m radius buffer by multiplying the AADT by the length of the road segment for each road segment with AADT values within the buffer, then dividing by the buffered area (0.
The AADT data was collected from the Department of Transportation, Commonwealth of Virginia.