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AADUAction Against Drugs Unit (UK)
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Luus, Aadu (1959) Tartus ja Rootsis: eluradadel nahtut, kuuldut, meeles peetut.
Compared with the 2012 fourth quarter, revenues increased as a result of the initiation during the first quarter of a new O&M contract to manage three drilling platforms located offshore California, and the first quarter start of operations by the second of two AADU rigs on the North Slope of Alaska.
In June 1940, well-known authors Nigol Andresen, Johannes Vares-Barbarus, Johannes Semper, Mihkel Jurna, Aira Kaal, Aadu Hint, Debora Vaarandi, Karl Taev and many others joined the Communist Party.
Rig 273, the Company's first AADU rig, commenced operations in December 2012.
The first of Parker Drilling's two AADU rigs completed its acceptance testing process and began operations under the terms of the Company's five-year contract with BP.
The segment reported its first operating revenues in the 2012 fourth quarter as the first of two AADU rigs began operations late in the period.
We thank BP for working with us to ensure these AADU rigs meet our shared performance objectives for safety and efficiency and we look forward to continuing to work with BP to unlock the full potential of this promising region.
The first of Parker Drilling's two AADU rigs began its acceptance testing process and is expected to be placed into service before year end.
In the third quarter, our AADU rigs began the acceptance testing process that is expected to lead to drilling by one of the rigs before year-end and the other shortly afterward.
The AADU rigs are undergoing commissioning and the available land rig is idle.
9 million for the construction of the AADU rigs and $25.