AAEAAmerican Agricultural Economics Association
AAEAAfrican American Environmentalist Association (Washington, Maryland)
AAEAArkansas Association of Educational Administrators
AAEAAmerican Academy of Equine Art, Inc.
AAEAAssociação Angolana para Educação de Adultos (Portuguese: Angolan Association for Adult Education; Luanda, Angola)
AAEAAmerican Agricultural Editors Association
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The event will bring together experts from and officials from AAEA member states, the International Atomic Energy Agency and related institutions in the USA, Russia and China.
Zaidi stressed that AAEA should make itself truly representative by admitting more Asian countries.
Goodwin, 2008, Modeling Dependence in the Design of Whole Farm Insurance Contract--A Copula--based Approach, Selected paper at the Annual Meeting of the AAEA, 2008.
AAEA Director-General will present on the occasion, reports on the Arab and international co-operation in matters of peaceful use of nuclear energy and preparations for the 11th Arab Congress on the Peaceful Use of Nuclear Energy and the 2nd Arab Congress on Electricity Production and Sea-Water Desalination by Nuclear Energy.
The AAEA was conceived to promote and institutionalise open and transparent elections, independent and impartial election authorities, professionalization of Asian election authorities, citizen participation in the electoral and civic process, information sharing, and the development of resources for election-related information and research.
Ehmke, Cole; Ernst, Stan; Jeffrey Hopkins and Luther Tweeten (2001), The Market for E-Commerce Services in Agriculture, Paper Presented at AAEA Annual Meeting, Chicago, Illinois, August 5-8.
Integration of a product choice model and a latent variable model of nutrition information, AAEA conference.
That is why we are today backing the AAEA by donating pounds 5,000 from our Man Of The People Fund and highlighting the scandal that shames us all.
DUNN, AAEA EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR, admits that she was something of an outsourcing instigator when she arrived on staff six years ago.
by Kurt Lawton, President AAEA Board of Directors Editor, Com+Soybean Digest
The participants had discussion on the draft of an amendment to the agreement to establish the AAEA as per the provisions of the unified system of the specialized Arab organizations, emanating from the General Secretariat of the Arab League.
Dimitar Ganev, AAEA Director, emphasized that the proposal did not rule out state participation and that the state would remain in charge of external control.