AAEFAlbanian American Enterprise Fund
AAEFAfrican American Experience Fund (National Park Foundation)
AAEFAustralian-American Educational Foundation
AAEFAir Assault Expeditionary Force
AAEFAviation Aerospace Education Foundation
AAEFAquatic Animal Experiment Facility
AAEFAutonomic Application-Enabling Fabric
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Advanced energy CEOs told AAEF that they are planning to increase employment in 2015, ranging from 20 percent among companies with more than $1 million in annual sales to 30 percent among smaller firms.
With its latest report, AAEF has documented for the first time from an in-state perspective that the advanced energy sector has not only taken hold in Arkansas but also reflects national growth trends and is an important engine for the overall state economy.
If you want to check this thing out, the AAEF grand opening starts at 10 a.
Specifically the AAEF Spiral C Experiment (October-November 2006) will be focused on garnering insights in the following DOTMLPF (doctrine, organization, training, materiel, leadership, education, personnel, and facilities) areas:
Beyond the currently planned spirals, AAEF provides a critical capability as a venue to continue experimentation along the critical prototyping path and to recognize solutions to identified capability gaps in current and future forces.
AAEF capitalizes on these investments and fills a critical need in the Army Experimentation Campaign.
These innovative funds, like the AAEF, are able to achieve major development outcomes with a sustainable impact, while also giving American taxpayers a direct return on their investment.
AAEF will continue to experiment with future technologies as well as some used by the conventional Army.
AAEF supported programs including Junior Rangers, traveling exhibits, workshops, after school programs, and community lectures expose all Americans to our shared heritage and engage new generations in preserving the story of African Americans through our National Parks for future generations.
The program, which runs from January 13 through February 28, consists of in-store displays, print and radio advertising as well as online programming that provides additional information on the AAEF sites and how important it is for all Americans to visit and support them.
History-Black History," said Cynthia Morris, executive director of the National Park Foundation's AAEF.
In addition to partnering with the AAEF during Black History Month, beginning February 2, Kmart will unveil a new weekly entertainment and lifestyle newspaper supplement designed to resonate with urban and African American customers.