AAEFAlbanian American Enterprise Fund
AAEFAfrican American Experience Fund (National Park Foundation)
AAEFAustralian-American Educational Foundation
AAEFAir Assault Expeditionary Force
AAEFAviation Aerospace Education Foundation
AAEFAquatic Animal Experiment Facility
AAEFAutonomic Application-Enabling Fabric
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Advanced energy CEOs told AAEF that they are planning to increase employment in 2015, ranging from 20 percent among companies with more than $1 million in annual sales to 30 percent among smaller firms.
With its latest report, AAEF has documented for the first time from an in-state perspective that the advanced energy sector has not only taken hold in Arkansas but also reflects national growth trends and is an important engine for the overall state economy.
Shelly Baron, a spokeswoman for the AAEF, said that if the refinery produces its estimated 1 million gallons of fuel per year, it will have a $1.
If you want to check this thing out, the AAEF grand opening starts at 10 a.
Since its inception AAEF has provided valuable operational insights to the Army demonstrating the power of leveraging technologies and an integrated multi-tier network to enhance small unit mission success and survivability.
Specifically the AAEF Spiral C Experiment (October-November 2006) will be focused on garnering insights in the following DOTMLPF (doctrine, organization, training, materiel, leadership, education, personnel, and facilities) areas:
Beyond the currently planned spirals, AAEF provides a critical capability as a venue to continue experimentation along the critical prototyping path and to recognize solutions to identified capability gaps in current and future forces.
Beyondline-of-site (BLOS) capabilities coupled with current and new tactics developed during AAEF drastically increased situational awareness, lethality, agility, and survivability of the platoon.
AAEF will continue to experiment with future technologies as well as some used by the conventional Army.