AAFCOAssociation of American Feed Control Officials
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AAFCO creates the nutritional standards that pet food companies should follow and most states' regulations follow these closely.
Pet foods that meet these requirements have a statement on the packaging that they have either been formulated based on the AAFCO nutrient profiles or tested via AAFCO feeding trials.
The AAFCO also requires that pet food containers clearly state the species for which the meal is intended.
The AAFCO model regulations contain many of the same requirements specified in federal regulations, including (1) an appropriate name to describe the product, (2) a listing in descending order by weight of the ingredients used to make the product, (3) a statement of the net quantity of contents in the package, and (4) a listing of the name and place of business of the product's manufacturer, distributor, or packer.
org/ (The goals of the AAFCO "are achieved by developing and implementing uniform and equitable laws, regulations, standards, definitions and enforcement policies for regulating the manufacture, distribution and sale of animal feeds--resulting in safe, effective and useful feeds by promoting uniformity amongst member agencies.
Understanding the nuts and bolts of AAFCO standards for labeling pet food goes a long way to empower pet owners to make informed choices about the dizzying array of products on market shelves.
The task of the AAFCO is to keep the playing field as level as possible and protect consumers.
AAFCO defines vegetable oil as the product of vegetable origin obtained by extracting the oil from seeds or fruits, which are processed for edible purposes.
La AAFCO (1992) hace algunas recomendaciones tanto para los alimentos, como para las metodologias utilizadas en la determinacion de la digestibilidad: la dieta o la materia prima evaluada, debe ser ofrecida por lo menos a seis animales maduros, de minimo un ano de edad, que esten saludables y alojados individualmente.
Complete range of proprietary formulations, developed with the input of a leading doctor , adhere to AAFCO nutrient profiles ( including the often-omitted bio-availability values); are free of all by-products; and do not allow for input-based pricing or substitutions.
100% Complete and Balanced Holistic Select(R) Lamb Meal & Rice Formula provides complete and balanced nutrition for maintenance and is comparable in nutritional adequacy to a product which has been substantiated using AAFCO feeding tests.
On the basis of this information, AAFCO proposes model regulations for state and federal agencies to ensure consistency among nationally marketed foods (AAFCO, 2007).