AAFLIAsian American Free Labor Institute
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Sweeney himself, and several members of his executive council, were board members of AIFLD and the other institutes, and would likely be uncomfortable with a full probe of the past--as would ACILS executive director Harry Kamberis, a former Foreign Service officer who held senior positions in AAFLI during the 1980s.
All of the funds AAFLI sends to the Philippines are channeled through it or its affiliates.
2 million for AAFLI programs in the Philippines through April 1985.
This injection of funds has also enabled AAFLI to expand its programs beyond the urban-based labor movement, to the countryside, where support for the insurgents is widespread.
Although AAFLI appears to be open about how it uses endowment money, details about the location and scope of its projects are kept secret by mutual agreement among the A.
Thus, it presents AAFLI with a task somewhat different from that undertaken in the largely rural Phillippines.
But amid some of the harshest repression ever seen in South Korea, AAFLI is determined to keep the labor movement out of politics altogether.
In January 1981 Morris Paladino, then the executive director of AAFLI in Washington, arrived in Seoul shortly after the city government had outlawed the Chonggye Garment Workers Union, one of the strongest locals in the country and a major recipient of institute funds.
AAFLI still considers the Chonggye union off-limits because of its close ties with the democratic opposition.
The overriding issue is whether AAFLI serves the interests of workers and trade unionists.