AAFRCAmerican Association of Fund-Raising Counsel
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9 billion in total charitable giving from all sources for 1995, as estimated by the AAFRC Trust for Philanthropy.
2001--The AAFRC Trust for Philanthropy, now the Giving USA Foundation, contracts with the center to research and write Giving USA, the first and only annual yearbook that reports on both sources and uses of philanthropic giving.
4 million charities in the United States, including religious congregations, and donations from about 70 percent of American households in any given year, findings from Giving USA are a major contribution to our understanding of the non-profit sector and its role in our society," said Leo Arnoult, CFRE, chair for the AAFRC Trust.
In its Giving USA 1997 annual yearbook on American philanthropy, New York-based AAFRC Trust for Philanthropy noted that the strong economy pushed total charitable contributions to nearly $151 billion in 1996.
According to Giving USA 2000, a report published by the AAFRC Trust for Philanthropy, charitable gifts from corporations and their foundations totaled an estimated $11.
The AAFRC name has served us well as an organization for 70 years, but no longer aptly describes the scope of the work our member firms perform.
7 percent increase was the first positive growth after inflation since 2000, according to the Giving USA Foundation (formerly known as the AAFRC Trust for Philanthropy).
Leo Arnoult, chair of the AAFRC Trust for Philanthropy, which publishes Giving USA, said organizations entered 2001 cautious about the economy.
The corporate response to the terror attacks, in dollars, in-kind gifts, pro-bono efforts and cause-related marketing, demonstrated a significant response to a direct attack on the American capitalist system, according to Leo P Arnoult, chair of the AAFRC Trust for Philanthropy, which publishes Giving USA.
The AAFRC Trust for Philanthropy, working with the ePhilanthropy Foundation, had extended its deadline for nonprofits to submit electronic giving results for the Giving USA survey, but the numbers were still unavailable at press time.
09 billion reported in Giving USA by the AAFRC Trust for Philanthropy in New York City.