AAGNAustralian Antarctic Geodetic Network (tectonic plate monitoring)
AAGNAustralian Antibiotic Guidelines Nomogram (aminoglycoside concentrations)
AAGNAfro-America GLOSS (Global Sea Level Observing System) News (marine science publication)
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The Legislative Advocacy Committee examines policies and legislation affecting older African Americans and AAGN members and recommends a plan of action.
AAGN members represent a wide array of organizations (Table 2).
Thus far, guest speakers at AAGN meetings have represented the U.
In conjunction with the State of Michigan Office on Services to the Aging, AAGN sponsored a reception at a Community-Based Care Conference (September 6-8, 1995) in Troy, MI.
In a second major accomplishment, AAGN drew on the existing knowledge and resources of its members to help the Detroit-based Area Agency on Aging (DAAA) compete for and obtain an Empowerment Zone grant.
As a third accomplishment, AAGN has provided technical assistance and support to African American small business owners to help prepare them to compete successfully in the Medicaid waiver and managed care arenas.
A fourth major accomplishment of AAGN is represented by the technical assistance provided to a local health system and to local universities.
One of the primary strengths of AAGN is the formal and informal interaction that occurs among members.
Another strength of AAGN is that the organization consists of students and professionals from various cities in Michigan.
It is important to note that the development of this article documenting the growth and achievements of AAGN is itself an outgrowth of the collegial relationship among the three authors, who met while all three were in graduate school earning advanced degrees in the field of social work at the University of Michigan.
Although AAGN has accomplished many of its goals, some challenges have been encountered.