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AAGRAverage Annual Growth Rate
AAGRAir-to-Air Gunnery Range
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Paper and personal-care overwrap is a mature, low-margin market with AAGR around 3.
However, liner manufacturers forecast a modest AAGR of 3.
Agricultural chemical containers accounted for 160 million lb in 2004 and are expected to reach 185 million lb in 2007 with an AAGR of 4.
Pails accounted for about 875 million lb in 2004 and are slated for 6% AAGR through 2007.
China's MEK output climbed from 40 kilotons in 2002 to 335 kilotons in 2010, with an AAGR of 30.
Meat, seafood, and poultry packaging reached 542 million lb in 2003, and its AAGR is pegged at 4% through 2006.
4 billion lb in 2003 and a slow AAGR of 2% will bring it to 1.
7% during 2011-2015, while global oil production is expected to increase at an AAGR of 1% during the same period (BP Energy Outlook 2030).
During the period 2011-2016, the region's coking capacity growth is expected to be at an AAGR of 24.
5 bcf in 2010, growing at an AAGR of 10% during the period 2000-2010.