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Throughout this turbulent decade, AAHA leaders served on a variety of presidential advisory boards and task forces, and had a profound impact on the nation's aging policy.
AAHA and the other associations filed the brief because the associations believe that the district court judge disregarded existing Federal court precedents for what constitutes reasonable and adequate rates for nursing home reimbursement.
AAHA puts out a weekly newsletter, a directory of members, and member alerts on public policy.
The development of the COA's was based on the AAHA Chart of Accounts," adds co-author of the CAPNA COA's, Hugh McCafferty, Senior Consultant with Owen McCafferty, CPA, Inc.
There was also much emphasis on promoting the "homes without walls" concept of community outreach, and AAHA members were encouraged to branch out into home and community-based services.
AAHA and CHA acknowledge that The Social Accountability Program was developed, in part, to help not-for-profit homes and services respond to such scrutiny and reaffirm their community benefit.
In the United States and Canada, only 15 percent of all small animal veterinary practices have successfully achieved accreditation status by the AAHA.
To help illustrate the importance of microchipping pets and keeping their registration information up-to-date, the AVMA and AAHA, with the support of HomeAgain, have developed an animated video showing how one lost dog was reunited with his family, thanks to his microchip.
Rather, according to a member of the AAHA panel, "If surveyors were more confident about investigating serious problems, they would spend less effort citing minor, easily-documented problems.
The guide is available from AAHA Publications for $11, including shipping and handling (AAHA members, $7).
We are very pleased that our hospital has achieved this prestigious AAHA accreditation, which recognizes our ongoing commitment to excellence in veterinary care," said Robert T.