AAHIVMAmerican Academy of HIV Medicine
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Hitt added that the AAHIVM will be checking a sample of applications to make sure the CME is truly HIV related.
While the HIVMA argues for a "higher standard" in credentialing HIV specialists, the alternative definition it offered California officials for immediate use entailed less rigorous requirements than those proposed by the AAHIVM.
The International Association of Physicians in AIDS Care (IAPAC) also objected to the AAHIVM definition of HIV specialists out of concern that the requirements are inadequate, JAPAC President Jose M.
Since the AAHIVM started credentialing HIV specialists a year ago, 900 of 1,100 applicants obtained a credential, out of a total of maybe 2,000 total HIV experts in the country, Dr.
AAHIVM can issue alerts and reminders to inform the community immediately of important or breaking news.
Once installed the application sits as an icon on a PC desktop and can be activated with a mouse click or by AAHIVM Now
Maintain current and valid MD, DO, PA or NP state licensure -- Clinically manage at least 20 HIV patients in the past two years -- Demonstrate continuous professional development in one of three ways - Successfully complete the Infectious Diseases Board certification or maintenance of certification / re-certification for the current year (MDs and Dos); or - Complete annually at least 30 hours of HIV-related CME Category 1 credits (continuing education for NPs); or - Complete annually at least 15 hours of HIV-related CME Category 1 credits (continuing education for NPs) and pass the HIV Medicine Credentialing Exam, scored by the AAHIVM and weighted to emphasize the most recent educational objectives
As of January 2002, the 1,300 members of AAHIVM directly care for over 275,000 HIV patients, representing more than half of patients in active treatment for HIV disease in the US today.
Health care providers interested in applying for credentialing can call the AAHIVM toll free at 1-866-241-9601, or visit their Web site at www.