AAHKAirport Authority Hong Kong
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Upon receipt of the Study Brief, AAHK and its consultants are expected to begin conducting a series of comprehensive studies designed to assess potential environmental impacts and launch a series of stakeholder engagement activities to solicit public views.
To facilitate the exchange of views of the stakeholders on the EIA and related issues, AAHK said it plans on setting up technical briefing groups and inviting environmental experts, green NGOs, industry representatives, and relevant government officials to join these groups, in an effort to address the potential environmental impacts which could arise from HKIA's expansion into a three-runway system.
At passenger terminals, AAHK, police, airport security staff, airlines and ground handling agents jointly activated their crowd management contingency plans to provide assistance to passengers, updates on the latest typhoon situation and flight information, airline hotlines, public transportation condition were also provided.
The independent report also showed that 80% of respondents agree or strongly agree that AAHK should make a decision urgently on Hong Kong International Airport (HKIA)'s future expansion plans.
SSRC is expected to submit a report to AAHK, based on its findings, in October 2011.
From 3 June 2011 AAHK is holding a three-month public consultation exercise where stakeholders and the public are invited to submit their views and comments to the Social Sciences Research Centre (SSRC) of the University of Hong Kong.
Although the AAHK argues different figures (see main story), the overall cost for taking a fully-laden B-747 - combining landing, parking and terminal building charges - at HKIA is 60% more expensive than at Kai Tak, claims Tyler.
The AAHK professes to operate the 'user pays' principle, but transfer passengers don't use the same facilities that originating or arriving passengers use.
Worryingly, Tyler also believes that the AAHK has adopted the attitude that airlines will always want to hub at the airport regardless of cost.
The task of developing Hong Kong's A-SMGCS fell to Ravi Trivedi, Senior Design Engineer, who was brought in by the AAHK after more than 30 years of airport experience in North America.
With the AAHK, understandably, not keen to play the role of guinea pig, Trivedi knew that the team needed to find some kind of advanced automation that already had a proven track record.
The Shanghai Airport Authority (SAA) and Airport Authority Hong Kong (AAHK) have signed a cooperation agreement for the establishment of the Shanghai Hong Kong Airport Management Co Ltd, AAHK announced on Monday.