AAHPAmerican Association of Health Plans
AAHPAmerican Academy of Health Physics
AAHPAssociation of Allied Health Professionals (est. 1975; Canada)
AAHPArkansas Association of Health-System Pharmacists
AAHPAlabama Association of Health Plans
AAHPAdvogados Associados Hamilton Pereira (Portuguese; Brazlian law firm)
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Now, we're turning toward the entertainment industry,'' said Karen Ignagni, AAHP president and chief executive officer.
The AAHP wants Congress to undo the damage done by the 1997 Balanced Budget Act.
Representing 90 percent of the homeopathic market in the United States, AAHP presented the following key facts:
While some centers may have closed, the overall number has hovered at around 10,000 nationwide for the past few years, said AAHP spokeswoman Susan Pisano.
It's wonderful that the AAHP values the work we've done to make Minnesota a healthier place.
AAHP looks forward to standing alongside the United States to show that the ITC correctly rejected the CFTHP's claims.
At one time, HIAA's members were mostly individual, small-group insurers, whereas AAHP members were the large managed-care companies, said Rob Guilbert, chairman of HIAA's public relations committee.
The ITC ruling proves that due process does exist in the federal government and that sound market evidence will overrule misguided allegations," said AAHP Co-Chairman Greg Simon.
The AAHP and its members deeply appreciate the Senator's support of homeopathic medicines as a health care choice.
In releasing preliminary results of a survey of health plans, AAHP President and Chief Executive Officer aren Ignagni said increased costs, stringent federal regulations and a lack of interest among practitioners in the program were driving plans from the Medicare+Choice program.
True to form, the Center used the funds that came with the first AAHP Community Leadership Award to start the Coggins Scholarship Award for local scholars who volunteer over 600 hours annually to improving their communities.
The AAHP supports the efforts to protect the safety of children by both the Standard Homeopathic Company and the U.