AAHPAmerican Association of Health Plans
AAHPAmerican Academy of Health Physics
AAHPAssociation of Allied Health Professionals (est. 1975; Canada)
AAHPArkansas Association of Health-System Pharmacists
AAHPAlabama Association of Health Plans
AAHPAdvogados Associados Hamilton Pereira (Portuguese; Brazlian law firm)
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With help from the governments of Spain and Canada, the European Commission and United Nations Children's Emergency Fund (Unicef), the AAHP is focused on the campaign to prevent hunger from slowly killing tens of thousands of people impoverished by the remoteness of their communities and armed conflict.
A guest blog by Greg Simon, chairman of AAHP, posted at WoodworkingNetwork.
Ignagni told AAHP member plans that a new storm of bad publicity was coming.
Now, we're turning toward the entertainment industry,'' said Karen Ignagni, AAHP president and chief executive officer.
AAHP emphasized in a press release that most employer-sponsored health plans and all Medicaid programs cover heart transplants for children.
Pisano of AAHP countered that the association's member companies have a contractual responsibility with many employers to.
Both ATLA and their opposition, the AAHP, agree that the Norwood language will halt the Miami cases in their tracks.
33) See AAHP Board Statement on Clinical Trials (Dec.
In early April heads of the American Hospital Association (AHA) and the American Nurses Association (ANA) joined the American Medical Association (AMA) and "sent a joint letter to the AAHP accusing the group of crossing a sacred line with sensational scare tactics and demanding that the AAHP pull its ad immediately" (Thompson, 2000b, p.
AAHP predicted that by 2004, this "Medicare Fairness Gap will reach $1,500 for many beneficiaries.
In mid-February AAHP and seven of its member companies--including Humana, PacifiCare Health Systems, Blue Cross/Blue Shield of Florida and UnitedHealth Group--bundled off a score of mostly elderly Medicare beneficiaries to Washington to argue the industry's case with members of Congress.
Along with other major health insurers and employers, the AAHP successfully beat back congressional efforts to regulate the industry and allow patients to sue their health plans.