AAKCAll American Kit Cutters
AAKCApartment Association of Kansas City (Shawnee Mission, KS)
AAKCAmazing Adventures of Kavalier and Clay (Michael Chabon book)
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AAKC will hold several NAA designation programs this year.
NAA, notes Haukenberry, has helped AAKC more than once with its lobbying efforts.
As Haukenberry also points out, AAKC is unusual among local associations because Kansas City straddles two states and therefore has to monitor and work with two state legislatures.
The other appeal of the NAA affiliation to those who remained with AAKC was its educational programs.
In addition to hosting NAA's certification programs, AAKC sponsors a number of its own educational seminars throughout the year.
The office serves as an informal job referral service by keeping resumes on file so that if members are looking to fill vacancies they can call AAKC first and have Haukenberry fax resumes of promising candidates.
Members of the splinter group have recently been contacting AAKC about returning, leaving Haukenberry hopeful that the two will be reunited by year's end.
While the splintering of AAKC was a huge blow for Haukenberry personally, the association, like the phoenix reborn from the ashes, is slowly emerging in a new revitalized form.
Today' AAKC has built its membership up to 200 members, with 26,000 units.
If AAKC does manage to meet the 50,000-unit mark, it will mean more help and more money (currently, AAKC operates on a $180,000 annual budget).