AAL2Asynchronous Transfer Mode Adaptation Layer 2
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8220;MAPS[TM] IuCS ATM internally uses AAL2 Traffic Generator for traffic generation on a successfully established call.
Molecular analysis of animal rabies viruses showed that AAL2 appeared in central Bangladesh only 32 years ago.
Backbone traffic would soon carry a variety of services over different ATM adaptation layers such as AAL1, AAL2 and AAL5", says Yuval S.
For both AAL2 and AAL5 data, the ATM-IP Interworking application enables the transport over IP for voice, data, and control traffic to/from other processing units via the Gigabit Ethernet (GE) backplane.
In addition, iWARE protocol modules are offered for ATM AAL5, ATM AAL2, SS7 MTP1/2, Frame Relay, PPP, HDLC and IP/Ethernet, along with convergence layer software for third party protocol stacks, such as Hughes Software Systems.
11 and AAL2, exist for interoperability between equipment vendors.
Datang Mobile is selecting the WIN780W4 because the device is not only able to support important 3G transport features such as IP fragmentation as well as AAL2 ATM to IP interworking," said Mr.
Key features of the GDC APEX family include: concurrent support for multiple services including voice, data, and video; cost-effective, leading edge AAL2 voice over ATM; integral multimedia interfaces including MPEG-2 video capabilities; Frame Relay and Frame UNI (FUNI) switching and HDLC/SDLC transport over ATM; circuit emulation to protect existing investment; and native LAN interconnection and concentration.
Available separately, applications software source code packages implementing various protocols, such as IPV4, IPV6, ATM, AAL2, AAL5, IMA, etc.
Together with existing silence suppression algorithms and standards-based AAL2 variable-bit rate (VBR) Voice, VSM users can now enjoy bandwidth savings of up to 8:1 with as many as 120 voice channels per VSM.
In addition to the Amur framer/mapper, which terminates up to 1024 DS0 channels of packet or cell data, and the 440GRx family of PowerPC microprocessors, AMCC's platform for mobile infrastructure applications includes production-ready AAL2, AAL5, IPv4, and IPv6 data-plane application software; the nP3665 evaluation kit, which delivers a fully-functional system customers can use to begin software development before they have their final hardware; and a complete software development environment including a C-syntax programming environment and cycle-accurate simulator.
Supporting AAL2 and AAL5 voice and data traffic, the new application provides the ATM functionality required in 3G wireless base station controllers, Radio Network Controllers (RNC), Node Bs, Media Gateways, and Serving GPRS Support Nodes (SGSN), as well as other networking equipment that combines ATM and Ethernet technologies, such as DSLAMs.