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AAMAAmerican Architectural Manufacturers Association
AAMAAircraft & Missile Artillery
AAMAAmerican Academy of Medical Acupuncture (since 1987; Los Angeles, CA, USA)
AAMAAssociation for the Advancement of Mexican Americans
AAMAAmerican Automobile Manufacturers Association
AAMAAmerican Academy of Medical Administrators
AAMAAustrian American Mozart Academy
AAMAAsia America MultiTechnology Association (est. 1979)
AAMAAmerican Amusement Machine Association
AAMAAmerican Apparel Manufacturers Association (now part of American Apparel and Footwear Association)
AAMAAfrican-American Ministers Association
AAMAArchitectural Aluminum Manufacturers Association
AAMAAlabama Automotive Manufacturers Association
AAMAAustralian Army Motorcycle Association
AAMAAmerican Alternative Medical Association
AAMAAsian American Manufacturing Association
AAMAAlberta Association for Media Awareness (Canada)
AAMAAfrican-American Mennonite Association
AAMAArea Airspace Management Authority
AAMAArmy Aeromedical Activity
AAMAAlabama Association of Municipal Attorneys
AAMAAmerican Association for Medical Assistants
AAMAAustin Area Multimedia Alliance (Texas)
AAMAAmerican Agricultural Marketing Association
AAMAAircraft And Missile Artillery
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Peterside who is also the Director-General of the Nigerian Maritime Administration and Safety Agency (NIMASA) assured the Secretary-General of MOWCA that AAMA on its part will continue to champion the course of revitalizing the African maritime sector through various forms of collaboration and will support MOWCA since both bodies have similar objectives and shared vision of realizing a prosperous Africa through its maritime resources.
Whether applied directly over metal or a primer for enhanced performance in seacoast environments, PPG Durastar spray coating provides exceptional substrate protection at a cost that is competitive with AAMA 2603-level coatings," said Knapp.
Southwest Airlines is pleased to sponsor AAMA, as well as other organizations that promote leadership and success in the Hispanic Community.
The AAMA does not cater only to one field of health care practitioner, but unites all professional doctors who educate and practice the benefits of alternative health care.
Key to the new AAMA certification process is a lead-content test using lead-check swabs during unannounced AAMA inspections twice yearly.
Jabra-Rizk MA, Falkler WA Jr, Merz WG, Kelley JI, Baqui AAMA, Meiller TF.
AAMA says these profiles are priced 35% to 50% below U.
A short healing may be similar to the following example of a Tamang shaman, Aama Bombo, who lives in Napal, and, who, like all shamans, incorporates the local traditions and rich cultural mythology and religions into her healing process.
The new group places more importance on environmental issues than the AAMA did.
AAMA, (American Automobile Manufacturers Association), Motor Vehicle Facts & Figures, Washington, D.
Stepping into the void created by the demise of the AAMA, a new association made up of nine global automakers formed the Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers (AAM) or simply, the Alliance.
The World-Wide Fuel Charter proposed by ACEA, AAMA (the American Automobile Manufacturers Association) and JAMA (their Japanese counterpart) in June 1998 calls on both oil companies and national authorities to make the necessary effort and investment to improve fuel quality.