AAMFTAmerican Association for Marriage and Family Therapy
AAMFTAmerican Association of Marriage and Family Therapists
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Listening to ethnic minority AAMFT approved supervisors: Reflections on their experiences as supervisees.
Researchers should use the present study as base-line data for a follow-up study, subsequent to aggressive intervention by administrators from the ACA, AAMFT, and NASW.
The AAMFT Commission on Accreditation for Marriage and Family Therapy Education accredits master's, doctoral, and postdegree programs to train MFT's.
CACREP's right to offer standards for Marriage and Family Counseling/Therapy was contested by both AAMFT and the American Psychological Association when CACREP applied for a revision of scope with the Council on Postsecondary Accreditation (COPA), the national oversight organization that accredited the accreditors.
The American Psychological Association, AAMFT, and NASW all have standards or principles in their codes of ethics addressing the use of client information for teaching, training, and other didactic purposes.
Title: Coordinator of Health Care Services, Professor, AAMFT and CAPPE Supervisor.
AAMFT code of ethical principles for marriage and family therapist.
According to Terri Pla, Vice President of Healthcare for the NHCN, "Bringing AAMFT to our Network is very exciting to us and will definitely benefit employers seeking talented professionals in mental health and social services.
Other sources that may reflect the breadth of private practice employment are online Therapist Locator services offered by professional associations, such as AMHCA and AAMFT, and online fee-for-listing promoters, such as Psychology Today, yet these may not cover well-established clinicians who do not need this type of marketing because of full caseloads or person-to-person referrals.
Currently, the ACA, APA, AAMFT, and AMHCA standards mandate that professionals cannot engage in sexual intimacy with former clients for 2 years following termination.
She is certified as a licensed psychologist, a clinical member of AAMFT, and an NBCC Certified Counselor and has recently been certified as an NCC Approved Clinical Supervisor.
Northcentral University was the first University in the country to offer genuine family therapy training with a course-by-course focus on MFT practice delivered online to the standards of the AAMFT.