AAMSEAmerican Association of Medical Society Executives (Milwaukee, WI)
AAMSEAmerican Association of Multi Sensory Environments (Miami, FL)
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Hotz mentions that research is an important objective for AAMSE as a way of proving the value of and legitimizing MSE as an accepted therapy.
and Assistant Professor of Pediatric Neurology and Neurosurgery at UCLA, to join the AAMSE board.
In future issues of the magazine, EP looks forward to continuing this exploration of the importance, albeit the necessity, of the sensory experience, perhaps the most basic and universal element of being human, and on reporting on various research findings coming from AAMSE and its members.
To learn more about multi sensory environments or about membership in AAMSE, visit www.
AAMSE did not collect data on how many individuals participated at each location, nor was there any follow-up to determine how many attended the conference as a result of the pre-conference online event.