AANCARTAsian American Network for Cancer Awareness, Research and Training
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CIS provided technical assistance in program planning and evaluation which was extended further through the placing of AANCART interns at the SAN office.
This initial assessment paved the way to the development of the initiative and the establishment of the partnership among SAN, CIS and AANCART L.
These outcomes have included but not been limited to: 1) the development of a clearer understanding of the burden of cancer among South Asians; 2) gains in cancer awareness and control as a priority issue in this population; 3) increases in knowledge and resources available to address cancer awareness in this population, including but not limited to technology transfer and the translation of research and other information provided by the CIS to these communities; and 4) the training, by AANCART L.
Furthermore, SAN staff, board members and volunteers participated in the various CIS and AANCART L.
Although much effort in terms of data provision, and framing was provided by credible sources such as AANCART L.
UCLA School of Public Health student interns have been placed by AANCART L.
SAN is working with AANCART to evaluate the following programs that have been funded in part as a result of this initiative: Breast cancer outreach and inreach program; Breast and cervical cancer education materials development in Hindi, Urdu, Gujarati, Bangla and Punjabi; and a Hindi language media campaign to improve access to mammography screening for South Asian women in Los Angeles; Tobacco control among South Asians in Los Angeles, as well as a South Asian prostate cancer awareness project.
Strengthened by the knowledge and cancer expertise via the CIS Partnership Program Office at USC and AANCART L.
A special thanks is extended to AANCART staff and interns Koy Parada MPH.