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AANNAnalog Artificial Neural Network (artwork)
AANNAsheville Area Nanny Network (Asheville, NC)
AANNArtificial Autoassociative Neural Network
AANNAmerican Association of Neuroscience Nurses
AANNAfrican American Nonprofit Network (est. 2006; Washington, DC)
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The proposed method uses MFCC (Mel Frequency Cepstral Coefficient) for acoustic feature extraction and AANN (Auto Associative Neural Network) is used for speaker detection change points.
The event was moderated by Executive Member AANN, Dr.
AANN accomplishes this through continuing education, information dissemination, standard setting, and advocacy on behalf of neuroscience patients, families, and nurses.
In that process CPA, like GPI, AANN, and many other associations in similar situations, learned that giving up an office doesn't detract from an association.
There is no guarantee that the recommendations made by AANN will be accurate.
The results shows that the accuracy of KNN is 97%, SVM is 99% and AANN is 99.
AANN Huxley looks every inch the besotted bride as she gazes at her new husband.
AANN is a computer-based model that is designed to think and learn much like a human brain, but at much faster speeds.
A survey design was used to understand the current state of the science in the treatment of fever using list servs from two national nursing organizations: AANN and American Association of Critical-Care Nurses (AACN).
This three-storey period property would make an ideal B&B Yr Hafod is an extended detached home with superb views SSeett iinn aann aarreeaa ooff oouuttssttaannddiinngg nnaattuurraall bbeeaauuttyy,, CCaaee CCaaddii ccoommeess wwiitthh aann ooppttiioonn ttoo bbuuyy aa ttwwoo--aaccrree ppaaddddoocckk
Furthermore, after disfavoring domestic small-capitalization stocks for almost two years, AANN has recently begun to favor this asset class.
Care of the patient with mild traumatic brain injury AANN and ARN Clinical Practice Guideline Series.