AANRAdopt-a-Natural Resource (New York)
AANRAmerican Association of Newspaper Representatives
AANRAmerican Association for Nude Recreation (Kissimmee, FL)
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Of the 92% of AANR members reporting that they take a number of precautions, 87% utilize sun blocks and lotions; 43% put on widebrimmed hats, baseball caps, and/or visors; and 19% limit the amount of time they spend sunbathing.
In the case of AANR youth leadership camps, our caregivers include many of the parents themselves, in addition to screened volunteers.
Most of the Kinmans' travels have involved visits to nudist resorts, and his service as an AANR officer has added new opportunities.
CONTACT: Erich Schuttauf, Executive Director, AANR, +1-407-933-2064