AANZFTAASEAN (Association of Southeast Asian Nations)-Australia-New Zealand Free Trade Agreement
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New Zealand also has links to ASEAN--as a Dialogue Partner, a member of the EAS and, with Australia, party to the AANZFTA.
17; AANZFTA ch 8 Annex on Telecommunications art 11.
While arbitrators are generally bound by an ethical duty to maintain confidentiality notwithstanding the China-ASEAN FTA's and the Japan-ASEAN FTA's silence, (141) it is noteworthy that the Korea-ASEAN FTA and AANZFTA chose to make this a matter of express treaty obligation and to extend that treaty obligation to persons retained by the arbitral panel.
144) However, while the Japan-ASEAN and Korea-ASEAN FTAs envisage a session being set aside during the first meeting for this purpose, and also provide explicitly for the presence of third parties "during the entirety of this session", the AANZFTA only states that third parties "shall have an opportunity to be heard by the arbitral tribunal at its first substantive meeting with the Parties to the dispute.
Both the AANZFTA and the ASEAN 2004 Protocol go on to provide for an entire session being set aside for third parties in their respective tribunal and panel working procedures instead.
Exports from Indonesia to New Zealand have also increased quite firmly, while those of Vietnam witnessed a strong uptrend after 2010, when AANZFTA was adopted.
New Zealand's trade has picked up significantly since the adoption of the AANZFTA in 2010 as its products penetrate more easily into ASEAN markets.
Mr Robb said the protocol brings AANZFTA into alignment with Australia s other FTAs and reduces red tape for business, a priority for the government.
Australian industry came to the Government with concerns that a number of administrative requirements in AANZFTA discouraged use because they required some businesses to provide commercially sensitive information, Mr Robb said.
Strengthening economic ties, through bilateral free trade agreements and the AANZFTA, are good in itself, but it also serves a larger purpose.