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AAOArchives Association of Ontario
AAOAmerica's Army Operations (game)
AAOAmino Acid Oxidase
AAOAm Angegebenen Ort (German)
aaOam angegebenen Ort
AAOApproved Acquisition Objective
AAOAnodic Alumina Oxide
AAOAssociation of Aviation Ordnancemen
AAOArmy Acquisition Objective
AAOAuthorized Acquisition Objective
AAOAdministrative Appeal Office (U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services)
AAOAssociation des Amis des Oiseaux (French)
AAOAwake, Alert and Oriented (medical)
AAOAssociation des Archives de l'Ontario (French: Archives Association of Ontario)
AAOAcetaldehyde Oxime
AAOAirborne Area of Operation
AAOAudio, Acoustique et Ondes (French: Audio, Acoustics and Waves)
AAOArea Audit Office
AAOAutonomous Aircraft Operations
AAOAdverse Assumption Obstacle
AAOAmerican's Army: Operations (game)
AAOArmy Acquisition Organization
AAOAmerica's Army: Operations (game)
AAOAlert and Oriented
AAOAlumni Affairs Office (various schools)
AAOAnglo-Australian Observatory
AAOAgainst All Odds
AAOAmerican Academy of Ophthalmology
AAOAmerican Academy of Optometry
AAOAmerican Academy of Osteopathy
AAOAmerican Association of Orthodontists
AAOAge At Onset
AAOAgainst All Odds (gaming clan)
AAOAlpha and Omega
AAOAcademic Affairs Office (various schools)
AAOAmerican Academy of Otolaryngology (Head & Neck Surgery)
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They are not affiliated with the official program of AAO 2015 or Subspecialty Day.
Crest + Oral-B's collaboration with the AAO will include a number of activities to build awareness among both dental professionals and consumers, such as the development of materials to help dental professionals communicate and engage their patients on oral hygiene techniques, compliance and making the right product choices for optimal oral health, and in-store and other activities that will allow the AAO to reach more consumers more often.
org/mobile, contains complete Subspecialty Day and AAO 2014 program information to help attendees plan their schedule in advance.
The fibres were installed by a robotic technology created by AAO.
Sampled clinical data included AAO and family history of PD; the latter defined as having >1 family member (first-, second- or third-degree relative) with possible PD.
If you follow a few simple steps to properly open a bottle of champagne, you can keep your holidays enjoyable and safe," Live Science quoted Kuldev Singh, an ophthalmologist and clinical correspondent for the AAO as saying.
He concluded that doctors in this region now have a direct voice to represent them in the AAO.
Established in 1989, the AAO initially provided social case management to facilitate end-of-life support for the community's almost 100 HIV-infected patients.
said Matthew Morgan-Jones, the UAE country director of AAO.
In a prospective cohort study published after the AAO guidelines were issued, among 526 patients taking hydroxychloroquine for rheumatoid arthritis and systemic lupus erythematosus, not a single patient developed retinopathy within the first 5 years of treatment.
It hasn't been recognized by the AAO yet, and there's no conclusive evidence.
In addition to the yearlong centennial celebration that began this spring, AAO also celebrates October as National Orthodontic Health Month.