AAODAustralian Age of Dinosaurs (est. 2002)
AAODAerosol Absorption Optical Depth
AAODAmerican Association of Distributors, Inc.
AAODArmy Aviation Operating Detachment
AAODArmy Air Operations Directorate (White Sands Missile Range, NM)
AAODAnterior Atlanto-Odontoid Distance (spine)
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Another student from the same class, but from the AAOD group wrote,
Example of a part of an "influential" AAOD thread Question #4 Monse 01-04-10 Most of these questions I don't think we went over in class.
There is ample evidence to suggest that more often the AAOD students talked more about confidence (self-efficacy).
For Class A, the AAOD group had a total of 347 messages; while the AOD group had a total of 235 messages (see Figure 2).
The AAOD group had a total of 409 messages, while the AOD group had a total of 281 messages.
According to AAOD Vice President of Business Development Aric Agmon, "We looked at numerous CRM solutions and selected ADAPTcrm due to its outstanding technology.
Including the contribution of AAOD for all periods, the Company's pro- forma revenues for the fourth quarter of 2007 were $19.
Our divestiture of AAOD is an important step that allows us to focus on core businesses while contributing significant capital.
Magic Software's recent announcement of support for Web Services and J2EE integration places AAOD in a strong position to be able to meet future customer needs utilizing advanced technologies that improve ROI and reduce infrastructure costs.
AAOD is creating a new version of their industry-leading long-term care software to be called Elite.
Aric's long and successful experience in managing IT operations and his business development abilities convinced us that he is the right person to lead AAOD into its next phase of growth," said Menachem Hasfari, CEO of Magic Software.
Magic acquired AAOD in 2000 and it now owns 84% of AAOD's outstanding equity.