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AAOHNAmerican Association of Occupational Health Nurses (Atlanta, GA)
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Occupational Health Nurses Week brings attention to the incredible work that is being done by occupational and environmental health nurses across the country to promote healthy lifestyles while keeping workers safe, healthy and performing at a high level," said Mary Gene Ryan, President of AAOHN.
AAOHN is working to educate nurses and other health care professionals about the need for respiratory protection on the job.
As part of the Memorandum of Understanding, AAOHN has agreed to:
org, click on "Press Room," and scroll down to access AAOHN resources.
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In 2002, Mary presented 'Worker Compensation 101' at the AAOHN Annual Conference in Atlanta, Georgia.
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She is a subject matter expert and a recognized national speaker for on a variety of topics for AAOHN and ACOEM, and is a published author on Critical Incident Stress Management, which has been made available by audiotapes.
AAOHN members represent a subspecialty of the nursing profession, working within business and industry to keep workers and workplaces healthy and safe.